Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation by the FUE, as a radical alopecia treatment, becomes increasingly popular among men and women today. Microsurgical hair transplantation is the manipulation, of taking hair follicles from the occipital part of the head & putting into the places of alopecia without any incision. That is why FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is of minimally invasive procedure & does not require incisions and does not leave scars. it is careful, modern, effective and safe method that provides the best results and the shortest recovery follow up. We pay a special attention to the direction of hair follicle insertion in different zones in order to preserve the natural appearance of the new hairstyle.

What is FUE?

Using a special tool, such as a small needle, each hair follicle is removed, without damaging its structure. They are irrigated with their own plasma growth factors (PRP), stored under special conditions and therefore with their natural properties.

The price of the procedure depends on the number of transplanted grafts and have been set according to individual characteristics.

Plasma therapy, or PRP-therapy, is considered one of the most promising and effective methods of hair loss treatment.  the own growth factors from the plasma stimulates the regenerative processes,  grows the cells of the hair follicle. The usage of plasmаtherapy in trichology improves the quality of the hair, their elasticity and dense.

Plasma therapy prepares the scalp for hair transplantation and enhances the regenerative function of the skin in the rehabilitation period after surgery. 

Beard & Eyebrow correction.

Anyone can also determine the required number of grafts from the photograph with our specialist.

All the manipulations have been performed under local anesthesia and take several hours In most of the cases. but we can use a sedation in a wish.

  1. Small skin areas with hair have been taken At the first stage from the donor zone. The   grafts are stored under special conditions for the best survival.
  2. During the second stage, the prepared grafts have been putting into through the punctures to the skin of the eyebrows or beards. All The hairs have been transplanted  with correct direction of growth to give the hair follicles the  desired angle. this maneuver is very important to receive a natural result.

Hair growth is restored within 1-2 months.