This is a modern method for correcting the body shape, to get a younger form in the shortest possible time. This technique perfectly combines liposuction, laser procedures and lipofilling. Using this combination you can simulate the body of your dreams: emphasize the six packs, tighten the buttocks, enlarge the breast, smooth the thigh area. Lipomodeling in a complex with a diet and physical exercises, gives a visible result and beautiful contours.

During Liposuction

The surgeon removes fat from certain areas ( abdomen, hips, buttocks, chest, back, cheek, thigh, inner surface of the knees ) that were discussed, with the help of liposuction thanks to special cannulas. 

Will fat grow at the site of liposuction? There will never be new fat deposits at the site where liposuction was performed. Each person has a certain amount of fat cells (adipocytes)? Constantly through whole life.  If liposuction removes these cells, the new cells won`t grow. You will  receive an excellent aesthetic result in combination with a diet, proper nutrition and exercises.

Laser lipolysis

A modern, painless method of removing fat deposits with a laser, is called laser lipolysis. This technique is very effective and allows you to remove fat in small areas of the body with the skin tightenning.

Laser lipolysis makes it possible to remove small fat deposits in the face area (chin, cheeks, lower face), in areas where surgical liposuction is not suitable. Skin tightening is also carried out during this procedure by heating the fibers of collagen and elastane.  The effect is noticeable in a week follow up, with no rehabilitation period.


The method of the transplantation own fat from one area to another. This procedure is of 2 areas correction, decrease thigh and abdomen tissue volume for example & filling the volume of the buttocks.

The fat tissue assimilating is about 70-85% in our hands. You will receive a natural filling result that is constant during whole your life.

Our specialists have been using  syringes to collect fat cells from the area with a sufficient amount of adipose tissue (abdomen, hips, buttocks). The adipose tissue is inserted into the area to be filled, using a set of special cannulas after a specific  preparation, adding PRP.  

The main types of lipomodeling - breast & buttocks augmentation,    face & hands rejuvenation 

Tummy tuck   is the surgery of waste skin  & fat removal, making a new shape tightned abdomen . This surgery is a demand among people  of weight loss, after pregnancies, after age or hormonal changes in the body.

We also make a hernioplasty during an Abdominoplasty if it is needed. So the Abdominoplasty allows not only to achieve an aesthetic effect but helps to prevent the diseases of the spine and internal organs because of strengthening of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia but all the clients leave the hospital in 6-24 yours.

The surgeon makes markings of the incisions previously according to your wishes and the individual situation. A liposuction is included during the abdominoplasty every time.

A thin scar of little visible will be located in the pubic area above the hair growth line, which will make it possible to hide it later under the underwear.

The compression underwear must be wear  Immediately after the surgery & during the next  6-8 weeks.  

Our plastic surgeons will return your beautiful body and self-confidence!

Buttock plastic surgery

Gluteoplasty  allows you to change the shape or volume of the buttocks, to give them a beautiful and aesthetic relief. Today this procedure is in demand both for women and for men. This is a great way to balance the figure when the shoulders (men) or the chest (women) are noticeably larger than the buttocks.

The shape and volume of the buttocks can be changed by inserting gluteal implants   or using your own fat tissue (lipofilling). An implant is placed into a gluteus muscle pocket to hide the implant contour. 

The incision always is invisible and is made at the buttocks fold.  

Buttocks Lipofilling  is the partial increasing the of the volume and tightening of the skin in the gluteal region due to the filling of this zone with its own fat tissue.  

Our plastic surgeon will help you choose exactly the shape and size of the buttocks that will make your figure harmonious and attractive!