Breast surgery (Mammoplasty)

Beautiful breasts are the source of inspiration and self-confidence. It is the most popular plastic surgery procedure all over the world. Our doctors provide more than 150 breast surgeries every year. Our surgeon will listen to your wishes and make the individual harmonic body proposal.

Breast augmentation 

Is the safe & mini traumatic surgery, of 30-40 minutes, that will help you to receive a proportional body shape in a few days. Our clients change the swimsuit during 3-5 weeks. As the photo shows below.  

All implants that are used at the clinic are certified by the quality of Ukraine and the FDA (USA). Our surgeons will help you to make an adequate choice between round and anatomical (drop-shaped) implants. It depends on a shape, volume and structure of the breast,  ptosis degree, ribs and muscle configuration. The surgeon determines & proposes the incision and location of the implants to achieve maximum symmetry and the natural shape of the breast with no visible scar.

We have more than 16 satisfied women after the breast implants surgery and pregnancy with the ability of breast feeding afterwards. The video interview is available below.

We have been making all the breast tests & investigation with a Mammologist examination before & during the surgery according to the European consensus. 

You can choose any volume of your breast by trying on the implant in our office.

Breast Lipofilling

The method of transplanting your own fat tissues from one area (hip, abdomen, back…) to the breast. It is  the method with the purpose to change the form or the size of a breast, to restore elasticity, to correct asymmetry.

The surgery is of minimal   trauma because it is made with the help of cannulas only, without any incisions and is very effective. You can increase the size of the breast by 1-1.5 size using this technique. There are no limitations  after the procedure and you can lead a normal lifestyle.

Mastopexy or Breast lift 

The surgery that allows you to improve the shape of the mammary glands, restore their former shape and elasticity, solve the problem of asymmetry and sagging.

There are several methods of mastopexy. The postoperative period is painless, but it is necessary to wear a bra for the 2 following months. 

Our plastic surgeon will choose the breast lift method based on your problem. Breast feeding is available after the surgery. That short scar will be invisible in a few months, as shown at the photo…

The doctor will offer you the best solution to return the aesthetic and beautiful look of the female breast.

Breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation (with implants or lipofilling) or with breast reduction if it is needed.

Breast reduction

An excessively large form of the female breast often causes serious problems both from a medical point of view and an aesthetic one. Therefore, there is a technique of reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction).  This surgery helps to restore a woman's sense of attractiveness, feel more confident and feminine.

The main tasks of this procedure are: removal of excess tissue of the breast, fatty tissue, excision of excess of stretched skin, raising the nipple   & areola to the proper position. A plastic surgeon forms an aesthetic breast of the required size, proper symmetry, volume and shape.

With reduction mammoplasty, the sensitivity of the nipple and skin of the gland is not impaired, normal blood supply is maintained.

The surgeon can offer a comprehensive procedure, like liposuction or lipofilling during the surgery to achieve the optimal aesthetic result .

It is necessary to undergo a medical examination before the surgery, which our consultants will help you to obtain.  


Gynecomastia is a situation of   an increasing men mammary glands  . The increase and proliferation of these glands can occur as a result of hormonal disorders.

The situation can transform into the disease, that is why it must be cured.  We are always doing the histologic examination of the gland to be sure about the patient’s health.

Gynecomastia can be: true (when the gland is enlarged by the growth of glandular tissue), false (when the gland is enlarged by fatty deposits) and mixed.

Gynecomastia removal  is not a traumatic procedure. It is done through the small 4 mm incisions and does not require a rehabilitation period.