Face surgery

The mimic muscle and skin have been losing tone, facial bones become volume-less, deep wrinkles appear with age. But the age changes are reversible. The sagging tissues must be corrected to improve a tired look.

Our plastic surgeons will propose the best individual algorithm among various modern procedures and techniques like:

  • Facelift with SMAS or space correction (rhytidectomy), 
  • Endoscopic face & neck rejuvenation
  • Laser Blepharoplasty, transconjunctival eyelid surgery
  • Fat transfer or Lipofilling,
  • Laser Liposuction,
  • Temporal Forehead lift,
  • Bichat Removal,
  • Hair Restoration,
  • PRP Therapy,
  • Lip Augmentation and so on.

You can imagine the renewed view with our specialists and make your choice. The photo below will show You 2-5 days follow up with our rehabilitation services

Facelift (rhytidectomy) is One of the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Now it is popular among 40 years old patients due to their mini-invasive, short rehabilitation, invisible scar features. a man or a woman returns to social activity in a few days after these procedures, as it is shown at the photos below

The surgery consists of space lifting SMAS procedures that are of minimal trauma, allows effective soft tissue and fat moving upwards, the waste skin excess removing. The facelift is aimed to tightening underlying muscles  to correct age-related tissue ptosis, wrinkle elimination, the volume and the ideal contour of the face restoration.

The innovative technique of the short scar lifting and 10 years-lasting natural look (as the photo below shows) make it most popular among the men today.

Facelift can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation. the short scars are within hair-line and are invisible in 2-3 months (as shown photo below). Our rehabilitation program begins before a surgery and is provided during the procedure and a few days after.

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid surgery

is usually performed by lasers, without skin removing and scars. 

The skin retightening has been provided by fractional CO2 laser procedure.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is very popular due to the excess skin wrinkles removing, orbital fat hernia       removing or redistributing for periorbital rejuvenation

All our technologies are aimed to the fastest rehabilitation after procedures with the full long-lasting effect. The very important issue of the periorbital rejuvenation is the muscle tone restoration. It has been provided by the CO2 laser.

due to the complex management, our eyelid surgery is usually provided with lipofilling

Our surgeons mostly use Transconjunctival blepharoplasty but we decide the method individually. 

Laser eyelid surgery


  • scarless, Minimal tissue access trauma
  • Mostly local anesthesia
  • The laser orbicular muscle retightening
  • Faster healing with minimal laser access
  • Laser distance hernia vaporisation

An eye is under corneal protector during the procedure. no complication risks due to the scarless surgery.

CO2 skin resurfacing with lifting effect is the part of the blepharoplasty

Our clients have 1-day rehabilitation and can return the social activity 2-3 days after (as shown at the photo

Rhinoplasty (NOSE plastic surgery)

Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) is a type of surgical intervention that aims to eliminate various defects in its shape, as well as to correct the septum. it is at the second place of the most popular plastic surgeries.

Our surgeons have the huge experience (about 600 of the rhinoplasty & secondary reconstructive cases) for more then 15 years. They have been using closed rhinoplasty without any visible incisions in 97% of cases. It is a minimally invasive method that guarantees  a short rehabilitation period and provides a more attractive and natural result with the social activity 3-6 days follow up (as at the photo below)

Anyone can change the shape, width, asymmetry of the nose parts and make more attractive natural & proportional  face look with the help of rhinoplasty. 

The main task of a plastic surgeon is to improve nose shape according to your wishes, taking into account an anatomic individual characteristics, all face harmony.

We always make a prognosis of the future shape and size of the nose  using computer simulation and fixing all the wanted changes in an simple clear algorythm.

We can always look at and verify the final result of rhinoplasty at the end of surgery. But everybody  can use and  enjoy the new nose shape in a few months because of an edema that occurs after any surgery. Our team will accompany & lead with the recommendation all the follow up.

The nose cosmetic surgery can improve your everyday mirror appearance.

You can not hide your nose!   Make  the nose that you have been dreamed about.

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