This is a modern method for correcting the body shape, to get a younger form in the shortest possible time. This technique perfectly combines liposuction, laser procedures and lipofilling. Using this combination you can simulate the body of your dreams: emphasize the six packs, tighten the buttocks, enlarge the breast, smooth the thigh area. Lipomodeling in a complex with a diet and physical exercises, gives a visible result and beautiful contours. Узнать больше >

Breast surgery (Mammoplasty)

Beautiful breasts are the source of inspiration and self-confidence. It is the most popular plastic surgery procedure all over the world. Our doctors provide more than 150 breast surgeries every year. Our surgeon will listen to your wishes and make the individual harmonic body proposal. Узнать больше >

Face surgery

The mimic muscle and skin have been losing tone, facial bones become volume-less, deep wrinkles appear with age. But the age changes are reversible. The sagging tissues must be corrected to improve a tired look. Узнать больше >

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation by the FUE, as a radical alopecia treatment, becomes increasingly popular among men and women today. Microsurgical hair transplantation is the manipulation, of taking hair follicles from the occipital part of the head & putting into the places of alopecia without any incision. That is why FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is of minimally invasive procedure & does not require incisions and does not leave scars. it is careful, modern, effective and safe method that provides the best results and the shortest recovery follow up. We pay a special attention to the direction of hair follicle insertion in different zones in order to preserve the natural appearance of the new hairstyle. Узнать больше >